Sunday, September 5, 2010

Evaluation and Quality

I was looking through sites on evaluation of elearning and came across this cartoon which I found interesting. The link below provides you with top tips for starting an elearning project!

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How do I define evaluation?

I relate this a lot to my work, assessment and evaluation go hand in hand. For me, you assess the learner and evaluate the unit of work. So the assessment is identifying what the student/s has learned and to what level. Evaluation for me is not only evaluating the ‘end product’ but revisiting and referring back to tasks throughout the learning process and identifying ‘what is working well’ (highlighting these), ‘what needs work’ (listing suggestions and possible solutions) and deciding ‘where to next’. This is a very simple explanation but gives you a basic idea.

What sort of evaluation am I familiar with?
As a teacher, I am familiar with summative and formative evaluation. We use it a lot throughout the year.

Why Evaluation is important
Evaluation is important in my work place to:
• maintain and sustain high expectations
• ensure learning is student centred, meets all students learning styles, needs and abilities
• ensure collaboration takes place, working together to plan, share resources and have a common consensus on what is being learned and its benefits to provide for students
• Evaluation can also be a way to identify how well students are using what they have learned and applying it to different situations.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I love it! It says it all eh?

    "We should be teaching students how to think. Instead, we are teaching them what to think." Clement and Lochhead, 1980, Cognitive Process Instruction.

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  2. Lisa - a quick tip :)
    Remember to follow Internet etiquette and always cite the original source of the image - you can pop it at the end of your post like Ignatia did - (image from

  3. Well,Lisa, I must say I got caught up in the other blogs there as well. Am always open for a distraction even if it is only remotely linked to my topic. Thanks for the info.

  4. Hilarious but true! I think we have no option but to move forward with technologies like e learning authoring tools, though. What we need to do is to improve teaching and learning techniques that take into consideration that these learners are more Internet savvy than we, the older generation!