Sunday, September 26, 2010

Update on Questions...

Katie and I have continued to work together and add bits and pieces to our plan. It was I, this time who needed a large piece of paper... During our phone conversation I scribbled down ideas for our questions before going away to work on them further. I must say, I love large pieces of paper at the moment.

We intend to use ‘Survey Monkey’ to ask our questions. I have access to this at my school but am yet to use it, because I study at home and I am told it is quite easy to use, I will opt for free option, this means we will only be able to ask 10 questions, but in my opinion less is more...


  1. Less s definately more! I often wonder about the validity of suveys that go beyond say 15 - 20 questions. I kow I get tired/bored sometimes so what value would I actually be adding if I'm just going through the motionsa and not really putting thought into my answers? This is why I've also opted to follow up my online survey with a few interviews with managers. I feel a one-on-one will yeild some good, detailed results.

    Cheers, keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Lisa
    I'm also using the free version of 'surveymonkey' for the first time. I had problem question type when eliciting background/demographic information about the participants. Alex has tried the questionnair and could not type her answer to an option. I'm interested to see how you use it...
    Goodluck with your project.