Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last few changes to plan

We have received feedback!! Bronwyn has had a look at our plan and indicated a few minor changes to be made, these will be complete by Friday (ready for marking). After many hours of hard work we are nearing our destination woohoo, well for the first part anyway. Am I asking too much if this could be my final destination (or am i dreaming hehe).

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Creating our survey

Hi all, just a quick update on a sunday morning... After a great discussion with Katie on Wednesday evening, working through the changes on our plan, we have decided to have a look at another site to create our survey using Obsurvey. I found it very user friendly with simple clear instructions and it is FREE... We had previously decided to use Survey Monkey which is good but we chose not to do lots of screen shots and I really didnt want to have to pay to download it.

I have had a go at creating our survey to begin our data collection. Will now wait for Katie to have a look and talk again early next week. Once we are both happy with how it looks I will post the link for you all to see... In the meantime, I have included the link below for you all to check out 'Obsurvey'...


Have a great Sunday afternoon

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Changes to plan!

I have just checked my emails and seen 124 to work my way through. I'm away on holiday and have limited internet access (i should have brought my laptop!!!) Although, im not really sure its regarded as a holiday when your looking after 11 children all in one house, its funny how i become the best aunty, friend and sister in-law during the school holidays, oh well home in the morning and back to reality...

I've read Katie's emails and seen the changes we need to make, thankyou for the feedback Bronwyn. I have started on changes and fingers crossed they're ok, still more to do... I'm going to need my scrapbook to scribble ideas. I intend to talk to Katie tommorrow night and go over what we have done and discuss our survey.

Will keep you all posted on our progress.. Back to Auckland in the morning, can't wait!!