Monday, August 16, 2010

Into to course

I teach a great bunch of Intermediate students in south auckland and love it. I have been teaching for the past 8 years and in this time have taught years 2-8. I have completed one elearning paper (Educational design for elearning) and would definitely reccommend this for newbies like myself!!

Our school staff is currently learning how to use elearning tools in the classroom to ensure elearning is an integral part of everyday learning and teaching practices.

Regarding, the project, I would like to setup a blog site for students to post comments (from Mon-Wed) about their daily Technology lessons. These posts will include learning intentions, success criteria, images or sounds. I would like to see whether this is a user friendly way for students to reflect or respond to what they have learned and for teachers to maintain as a online working document. I hope to inspire teachers at my school to do the same!


  1. Hello Lisa nice to see you up and running with your blog. Your students will be a lively lot and it sounds like there is a lot of potential for you to do some great innovative teaching. If you are investigating the idea of using blogs in the classroom for the evaluation project - you may be best to do a needs analysis to find out what the students' think of the idea. By using a blog yourself you will have something to show them about how it can be used. You can also look for examples of what others have done, and show them as part of the analysis.

    This has a lot of potential for an evaluation project. See what you think of this video: Top 10 Reason's to Use a Blog in the Classroom to see what the children have to say about using a blog in the classroom. Part of doing a needs analysis is to investigate the evidence, for and against, and to search for information like this to answer your evaluation questions and help you make decisions.

    For example, is a class blog better than each student having their own blog?

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Great to see you on board. We are all a friendly lot here and are all willing to support each other.
    Everyone has a different reason for using blogs and Bronwyn raises a good point in having a needs analysis.

    I have worked with some (dare I say Mature or digital immigrants)learners and the whole process of setting up a blog has become a huge barrier to their own learning. Eventually they do see the huge value after some painless persuasion!

    Have a look at this link on why we let our students blog.

    Kind regards,


  3. Hi Lisa
    Welcome on board. Your class blog sounds like a great idea especially as you are teaching young children (yr 2-8 ). They have a passion for computer and I guess they would do better on the interactive computer environment with images and sounds. My case is different… we have some great software for ESOL learners at our centre but our adult language learners do not have the skills to navigate around the lessons and easily get frustrated. The oldest one I had recently is 72 years and it took him a while to learn to use the mouse. The software programmes we have are designed for self study but I cannot see it happening because the adult learners are not comfortable using the computer…


  4. Hi Lisa
    Nice to have someone from the other end of education - I teach two days a week at a Decile 4 primary school in Auckland. You said about blogs i run 7 of them - a though would a wiki with locked/passwords on pages work better? Let me know if you want to know more.